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The Power of the Independent Model

Our unique business model allows us to align clients’ interests with ours. As an independent asset manager, our open architecture allows us to source for the best-in-class products that are most suited to our clients’ needs.


“Our Clients determine their level of involvement in the investment process. LCI will execute in the best interest of the client in collaboration with the selected partner bank.”

Jan Dirkmann, CEO & Managing Partner

How does it work?

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Asset Management

Our clients can choose their level of involvement in the asset management process in line with their personal preferences and objectives. We offer you the platform best suited for your investment style and the level of involvement you prefer.

Advisory Mandate

Take control of your own portfolio backed by professional advice at every point. You make your investment decisions and LCI supports you with advice and portfolio risk monitoring.

Discretionary Mandate

Delegate the day-to-day portfolio management while remaining in control of your strategy.

Our Senior advisors and our internationally experienced portfolio Managers will help you to choose and navigate.  Learn more about our Investment Philosophy. 

Family Office Services

The family wealth planning process requires a tremendous amount of time and effort and this can be potentially stressful to family members. At LCI, we provide family office services to high net worth individuals to ensure all aspects of the family’s wealth are taken care of. This includes but is not limited to detailed planning and monitoring on how the wealth is to be managed, the creation of a family asset ownership structure, estate and succession planning.

Estate & Succession Planning

Real Estate advice, valuation and management

Retirement Planning

Centralization & consolidation of Financial Reporting

Asset Protection

Corporate Advisory

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